Siam Steel Galvanizing Co., Ltd.

Siam Steel Galvanizing was established in 1991 and is a joint-venture company of Siam Steel Gratings Co., Ltd. and Progress Manufacturing Pty. of Singapore. The company serves a wide range of industries in Thailand as a hot dipped galvanizing specialist and now becomes the biggest steel galvanizing company in Thailand. Siam Steel Galvanizing consists of 2 branches, Siam Steel Galvanizing Co., Ltd. (Branch 1) in Nong-Khae Industrial Estate Saraburi and Siam Steel Galvanizing Co., Ltd. (Branch 2) in Bangplee Industrial Estate Samut Prakan. Total capacity of 2 branches is approximately 9,000 ton per month.

The modern equipment and long length of zinc kettle baths of Siam steel Galvanizing Co, Ltd. was brought from Australia. The long length of steel member can be easily hot dip galvanized according to the international standards ASTM A 123, , A 153, BS 729, AS/NZS 4680, JIS H 8641, BS EN ISO 1461 and etc.

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